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2013 Review

This year ...

I watched my grandfather marvel at an iPad. "How do they get all of that in there?," he asked. Got to spend time with family on both sides throughout the year.

I survived an accident on my Vespa, which I think about most every day. The scooter didn't make it. Haven't scooted since.

Finished my second year as rock climber strong and had my first outdoor climb, with help of Raylon. (Also, we went to Taco Bus a lot.) I used some of that climbing skill to conquer Treeumph Adventure Course a bunch times and am getting better with heights! I also discovered a local go kart track ... and another hobby.

Got some surprise Taco Bus for my birthday, courtesy of my co-workers at The Jewish Federation. I was also surprised with a plethora of Chewbacca yells on my voice-mail via a Craigslist ad. Later, I enjoyed my first trolley ride around Sarasota and saw Siesta Beach flooded at night, which was quite surreal.

My seventh year at The Federation had cool creative highlights including a bus wrap, advertising at SRQ airport and materials for our largest event to date, Israel Day, at Robart's Arena.

I dropped Chris at the airport as she went to NYC for improv training and she came back with brazen improv fearlessness. While she was gone, I went to Bonnaroo and had a f**king blast, (And the outdoor climb). Then I went to New York City for the weekend to see Chris in action. I ♥ NYC.

I became an ambassador for ShelterBox USA as I believe in their mission to provide humanitarian relief around the world.

I retained my title of concert junkie by attending six concerts and 7 festivals totaling 68 musical acts, one of them a Beatle. I also attended five sporting events that included each of the local national teams: Bucs, Lightning & Rays, (plus the USF Bulls). On top of that, I attended seven improv shows plus the Sarasota Improv Festival.

And I watched my friends Moe and Mike, respectively, each get married to lovely partners.

Not a bad way to spend a year ... Bring on the next one!

10 Rules

1. An honest ego in a healthy body.
2. An eye to see nature
3. A heart to feel nature
4. Courage to follow nature
5. The sense of proportion (humor)
6. Appreciation of work as idea and idea as work
7. Fertility of imagination
8. Capacity for faith and rebellion
9. Disregard for commonplace (inorganic) elegance
10. Instinctive cooperation

My Life on Two Wheels

I had a scooter when I lived in Key West many years ago. It was small and under-powered but being on an island, it made sense to ride a scooter everyday. I was in accident with that scooter too, when my friend ran into me. It was very minor and we were both fine but that demonstrated the vulnerability of being on a scooter - not unlike a bicycle, which was a staple of my childhood and probably the start of my love for being on two wheels.

Knock, knock

I can watch this all day.


Walking the Ringling Bridge each day in the month of February for Relay for Life has it's perks. This is a big one.

Tough Mudder explained

Tough Mudder explained in pictures

Tough Mudder 2012

Team Fazy Larry completed Tough Mudder on the Hi Hat Ranch in Sarasota, FL on Dec. 1st in 3.5 hours. The weather was gorgeous for December - 80 degrees and sunny. The biggest issue with the event was entry. We sat in traffic for two hours and arrived just after our 10:20 start time. So we started at 11:00 am. (You have to climb over a wall just to get to the starting line.) Out of the 10-people that signed up, four showed up. Cara, Raylon, Steve and myself. We rocked.

July 2011

FST Improv

June 2011

Florida drive

May 2011

Zan & Chris. Happy moment.

Karen and Moe at breakfast

Chris, Zan and Vincent. Post swim.

The sunset gang.

Christine and the world in her eyes.


Moved a co-worker's desk into a more comfortable office.

I brought Sally to work. She's smiling.

Jeff Beck

Me & Ed

Square 1 Burger 2011

Moe treated us to dinner at Square 1 Burger.
Great beer and vegan selections but the burgers were fantastic.